Smart, Harnessed, Interconnected, Turbulent.

The first ever truly desensitized cryptocurrency.

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What makes us special?


Four or maybe even five-factor authentication.

Hard Forks

Two per year. Minimum.


We're aware of the existing failures of modern blockchains, and that's a promise!

Well I don't understand how my refrigerator works either, but I still invested in one!

Dr. Simon Tam investor

Meet Our World Class Team

Juan Pablo Montoya

JJ Nielson - Lead Engineer

JJ has 57 years experience working in blockchain techologies and is renowned worldwide as a leader in the indusrty.

Kyle Zimmerman

Parker Luban - Head of Marketing

Parker has access to a fantasty football Twitter account with 2,300 followers.

Cheryl Collins

Saboshi Tomatoto - Founder & CEO

The mysterious Mr. Tomatoto was a shoe salesman for 34 years before discovering blockchain in a spam email that changed his life.

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Time remaining before ICO ends:


1 ETH is worth 40,000 SHT. If the fifth stage hidden cap is reached, the ICO will continue for an additional 120 minutes or until the value of ETH contributed exceeds the Global GDP - whichever occurs later.

ETH Address:


Our protocol is based on HTML and ZeroSum (0-Z) technologies. We believe every distributed smart transaction should be private, lightning fast and highly turbulent.

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